Protect Your Amazon Seller Account From Suspensions...

Nobody Can Stop You Getting Suspended...
But We Can Be There For You In Your Corner When You Do!

Imagine having professional help on hand to recover your account IF or WHEN the worst happens... With NO Lump Sum Payment!

Selling on Amazon is an awesome opportunity
BUT it isn't always easy to navigate Amazon's policies.

So you try dealing with their emails and your account health on your own.

And possibly end up doing more harm than good!

What would you do if you were suspended?

Hope Amazon would let you off with an easy time of it?

No chance!

Or maybe you think it will never happen to you...

Just like all the hundreds of sellers who get suspended EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So what if you could ensure you got access to professional support, help and advice WITHOUT the huge expense.

So you could save your Amazon account and keep making money?

Imagine if you had a blueprint that works and someone ready to help you...

Who has ALREADY helped hundreds of people get back their account.

Who knows what to do and what to say to get you the best result possible


Has years of experience to draw on

Sounds awesome eh?

Introducing Suspension Protect!

For just a small monthly amount you'll get access to professionally written templates and all the information you need to manage your suspension


1 - on - 1 professional help to answer ANY questions you may have!

AND.. you ALSO get Suspension Prevention with...

Six Monthly Health checks of your Seller Central Account


Exactly when you need it most!

Suspension Protect Covers


ORDER NOW choosing the UK or US package below!

UK Suspension Protect

Per Month

£19.95  +VAT

US Suspension Protect

Per Month


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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Suspension Protect is to give you some peace of mind knowing that if you ever run into any problems with Amazon and become suspended, you can reach out to us and we will do all we can to help you resolve the problem and get your account reinstated for no extra cost.

*Suspension Protect is activated 30 days after purchase.

Suspension Protect is an ongoing monthly payment that acts as protection should you get suspended in the future*. If you’re already suspended, and do not have safeguard in place, you will need to sign up to Suspension Assist or Suspension Pro for immediate help.

*Suspension Protect is activated 30 days after purchase.

The decision lies solely with Amazon so we cannot guarantee we will solve every single suspension, but we have had huge success in getting many Amazon sellers their account reinstated.

Yes. We will ask you to forward your email from Amazon to us, and we can take a look at how we can help.

Suspension Protect can be used for multiple suspensions (on one account) as long as you are still subscribed when the suspensions happen. Suspension Assist is for ONE suspension, and you would need to sign up to Suspension Protect going forwards if you wanted future protection after getting your account back.

Yes, if you have the Pro Plan with us we will write your Plans of Action for you. If you have Suspension Assist or Suspension Protect then we will provide you with all the information you need, including a template, so you can add in your details and write your own POA. Don't forget that once you're a client, we are there for any and all questions you may have!

If you have the Pro Plan with us then yes we offer a money back guarantee. If you're using Suspension Assist or Suspension Protect then there are no money back guarantees, but we are confident we can get the vast majority of accounts reinstated.