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GetUnsuspended Team

Becky G

What Becky doesn't know about suspensions isn't worth knowing. Very experienced and very knowledgeable on all things Amazon suspension!

Ann W

Ann is an expert in suspensions and all Amazon Health Issues. Super knowledgeable and dedicated to reinstating suspended accounts.

Kayleigh M

With experience in both managing suspensions and writing successful POAs, Kayleigh is very knowledgeable in the world of Amazon Suspensions.

Deo B

The newest team member Deo has learned from the best and is quickly becoming a formidable force in the suspension consultancy world.

A word from Ann Williams...

Hi, my name is Ann Williams and back in 2017 we were disappointed to see sellers losing their seller accounts, not because what they had done was unforgivable, but because they didn’t understand the Amazon suspension process and couldn’t afford professional suspension help.

So GetUnSuspended was born and we put together Suspension Safeguard and Suspension Assist which are services that help Amazon sellers manage their own suspensions and account health issues at seriously affordable rates.

Years later and hundreds of successful plans of actions, appeals and reinstatements for our clients, we are very confident that we can help almost any seller get their account back.

Check out what some of our clients have to say...

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Suspension Protect is to give you some peace of mind knowing that if you ever run into any problems with Amazon and become suspended, you can reach out to us and we will do all we can to help you resolve the problem and get your account reinstated for no extra cost.

*Suspension Protect is activated 30 days after purchase.

Suspension Protect is an ongoing monthly payment that acts as protection should you get suspended in the future*. If you’re already suspended, and do not have safeguard in place, you will need to sign up to Suspension Assist or Suspension Pro for immediate help.

*Suspension Protect is activated 30 days after purchase.

The decision lies solely with Amazon so we cannot guarantee we will solve every single suspension, but we have had huge success in getting many Amazon sellers their account reinstated.

Yes. We will ask you to forward your email from Amazon to us, and we can take a look at how we can help.

Suspension Protect can be used for multiple suspensions (on one account) as long as you are still subscribed when the suspensions happen. Suspension Assist is for ONE suspension, and you would need to sign up to Suspension Protect going forwards if you wanted future protection after getting your account back.

No we do not write your plan of action but we provide you with documentation and a professional templated POA which means you have everything you need to write a successful POA. We will of course be there throughout, and can help with writing it - but you will need to enter account specific details in there.

We don’t offer a money back guarantee with Suspension Protect but it DOES get you professional help if and when you're suspended and we will treat your case with maximum care and attention providing the greatest chance of a positive outcome.